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 Franciacorta Territory


The territory of Franciacorta is a section of the Province of Brescia in the Italian Region of Lombardy. Franciacorta extends from Mount Orfano (south of Rovato) on the southest area to the shores of Lake Iseo, and from the river Oglio on the western border to the town of Cellatica in the east. The geography of rolling hills was shaped by glacial action. The soil, glacial moraines consisting of gravel and sand over limestone, drains well, and is ideal for the cultivation of grapes and winemaking. The weather is mild and constant due to its location south of the foothills of the Alps and the tempering presence of large lakes. To publicize enotourism the district established aStrada del Vino Franciacorta on the model of the famed German Wine Route (Weinstraße) in 2001.

The area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic, there are archaeological remains left by Cenomani Gauls, Romans and Lombards. The name Franciacorta, given in 1277, is thought to derive from curtes francae, which were fortified counties of the Frankish empire was founded in the 8th century. 

The municipalities that make up the Franciacorta 19: Adro, Brione, Roe, Castlewellan, Cazzago S. Martino, Cellatica, Coccaglio, Cologne, Corte Franca, Erbusco, Gussago, Monticelli Brusati, Ome, Paderno, Passirano, Polaveno, Provaglio Rodenegg Saiano Rovato. 

Examples of historic buildings we find them in Rodengo Saiano that is home to a Cluniac foundation, the Abbey of St. Nicholas, which was inhabited by monks since 1446 Olivetani. Additional points of interest include Passirano, with a Castle, and Provaglio Iseo, with the monastery of "San Pietro in Lamosa," and Coccaglio with the remains of the Roman castle and many others.

Among the most respected wine producers of Franciacorta sparkling and still wines in the region are Berlucchi, Bellavista and Ca'Del Bosco. Others include Mosnel, Muratori, Lantieri, Majolini,Ferghettina and Cavalleri and others for a total of more than 115 wineries in the consortium "Consortium of Franciacorta". Rent one of our holidays apartments and find all this beauties of Franciacorta. Perfect to visit EXPO 2015 !!!


Discover the taste of tradition


We can advise and help you discover and visit the best wineries in Franciacorta, so with an interesting guided tour of the winery, you can discover the secrets of the production of the famous Franciacorta wines and tasting different types of DOC and DOCG wines accompanied by local products. 

At the same time we can provide the most characteristic restaurants of Franciacorta so you can savor and enjoy the traditional dishes cooked by experienced chefs and the typical products of our land naturally accompanied by a glass of  The Franciacorta.

Mountain Bike

Discover Franciacorta and his flavours by bike


For lovers of two wheels there is nothing better than to ride to discover typical flavors in a unique territory. Lovers of two wheels, accompanied by an Official Guide of the National Academy of MTB, will be able to find beautiful itineraries: on the road for amateurs, cycle trails for families and on the trails for mountain biking. 

We can organize group tours for families or in complete freedom. 

You can bring your own bike or rent it at the time of booking. 

The bikes we can rend are equipped with a padlock closure, a kit for any punctures and a map with the locations in 3 languages ​​(Italian, English and German). Contact us for the availability and all the information!

Iseo Lake and Montisola

Discover Lake Iseo with a Riva Acquarama


Want to give a unique and exciting experience?

There is no better way to see the natural beauty, admire the best views and maybe a beautiful sunset over Lake Iseo except with a Riva Acquarama motorboat. 

We can make available for your excursions on Lake Iseo a magnificent Riva Acquarama with a captain who will take you on a tour of the lake and Monte Isola, or if you want to take you to some wonderful little restaurant in Monteisola to enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner or even just a drink. What are you waiting? Ask us all the information!


Get groped by shopping in Franciacorta


The Franciacorta, as well as offering stunning scenery, and a very diverse and enviable culinary tradition, of course, also offers the opportunity to make purchases of any kind. 

You can take advantage of the many shops in the historic centers of the countries of the Franciacorta area, or take a stroll through the streets of the Outlet Village Franciacorta.

At the Outlet Village Franciacorta you can walk and shop for the tops brands, for sports (Nike, Adidas), clothes (Guess, Calvin Klein) or houshold articles (De longhi, Richard Ginori).

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